Physics Department Internal Phone List

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General 3343520
Head of DepartmentProf Nigel 3342616
Department Manager & Director of OperationsDr Clare 3343544
Operations AssistantDr Gail 3343626
Communications AdministratorMr Greg 3343587
Postgraduate Administrator (Mon-Wed)Mrs Joanne 3343745
Postgraduate Administrator (Thur-Frid)Mrs Emma 3343745
Research Administrator 0191 3343671
Resources AdministratorMrs Claire 3343638
Teaching AdministratorMr Adrian 3343717
Technical Services & Facilities ManagerMr Wayne 3343679
FAXCondensed Matter - 0191 3343585(room Ph135)
FAXAstronomy Instrumentation - 0191 3343609
FAXAstronomy Group - 0191 3343645
FAXOgden Centre - 0191 3343658
FAXFinance Office - 0191 3343646(room Ph1)
FAXPhysics Building - 0191 3345823(room Ph127A)

Research Group: Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology
(To dial directly from outside the University, please add 0191 33 to the front of the telephone ext. number.)
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Benedict AaronsonPostgraduate
Steven AbelProfessor of
Jeppe AndersenAssociate
Simon BadgerErnest Rutherford
Shankha BanerjeeCoFund Junior Research Fellow
Joanne BenthamAssistant Database Administrator
James BlackPostgraduate
Andrew BlancePostgraduate
Tommaso BoschiPostgraduate
Adam BoutcherComputer Systems
Adam BoutcherComputer Systems
Nassim BozorgniaCoFund Junior Research
Lucy BudgePostgraduate
Joseph BullockPostgraduate
Fabrizio CaolaAssistant
David CerdenoAssociate Professor (Reader)
Mikael ChalaNewton International
Andrew CheekPostgraduate
Paul W. ClarkSystem
Juan Manuel Cruz-MartinezMarie Curie Early Stage
Jonathan CullenPostgraduate
Juan Cuspinera-ContrerasPostgraduate student
Giuseppe De LaurentisPostgraduate
Luca Di LuzioResearch
Deborah DolphinProject
R. Keith
Trudy ForsterIPPP
Raquel Gomez-AmbrosioResearch
Wendy GrayPostgraduate
Parisa GreggPostgraduate
Linda GrieveAdministrative
Ramona GroeberCoFund Junior Research Fellow
Sandeepan GuptaAssistant
Heribertus Bayu HartantoResearch
Marian HeilPostgraduate
Matheus HostertPostgraduate
Valery KhozeEmeritus
Daniel KingPostgraduate
Matthew KirkPostgraduate
Ka Wang KwokPostgraduate
Matteo LeoPostgraduate
Jonas LindertResearch
Robin LintenPostgraduate
Nicola Lo PrestiResearch
Elias Lopez-asamarResearch
Andreas MaierAssistant Professor (Research)
Daniel MaitreAssociate
Alan MartinAssistant Professor (Research)
Kristian MoffatPostgraduate
Jan NiehuesResearch Associate
Oscar Ochoa ValerianoPostgraduate
Andrés Olivares del CampoPostgraduate Student
Benjamin PecjakAssociate
Maria Laura PiscopoPostgraduate
Alexis PlascenciaPostgraduate
Alan PriceMarie Curie Early Stage ResearcherOgden
Maura Ramirez-QuezadaPostgraduate
Thomas RauhResearch
Elliott ReidPostgraduate
Joey ReinessPostgraduate
Richard RuizResearch
Johannes SchlenkResearch
Jakub ScholtzCoFund Junior Research
Satyajit SethResearch Associate
Julia StadlerEarly Stage Researcher (Marie Curie)
Arsenii TitovEarly Stage Researcher (Marie Curie)
Christos VlahosPostgraduate
Philip WaitePostgraduate
Duncan WalkerPostgraduate
Graeme WattDatabase
Stephen WebsterPostgraduate
Cedric WeilandResearch
James WhiteheadPostgraduate
Linda WilkinsonResearch
Ye-ling ZhouResearch

This table is automatically generated from the Physics Department database. Please contact the departmental Operations Assistant if you are not on this list but should be!