Physics Department Internal Phone List

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General 3343520
Head of DepartmentProf Nigel 3342616
Operations AssistantDr Gail 3343626
Communications AdministratorMr Greg 3343587
Postgraduate Administrator (Mon-Wed)Mrs Joanne 3343745
Postgraduate Administrator (Thur-Frid)Mrs Emma 3343745
Research AdministratorMrs Linda 3343671
Departmental ManagerMrs Claire 3343638
Teaching AdministratorMr Adrian 3343717
Technical Services & Facilities ManagerMr Wayne 3343679
FAXCondensed Matter - 0191 3343585(room Ph135)
FAXAstronomy Instrumentation - 0191 3343609
FAXAstronomy Group - 0191 3343645
FAXOgden Centre - 0191 3343658
FAXFinance Office - 0191 3343646(room Ph1)
FAXPhysics Building - 0191 3345823(room Ph127A)

(To dial directly from outside the University, please add 0191 33 to the front of the telephone ext. number.)
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Charles AdamsProfessorQuantum Light and Matter; Atomic and Molecular Physics;
David AlexanderProfessorCentre for Extragalactic Astronomy;
Jeppe AndersenAssociate ProfessorInstitute for Particle Physics Phenomenology;
Del AtkinsonProfessorMagnetism and X-Ray Scattering; Nanoscale Science and Technology;
Simon BadgerErnest Rutherford FellowInstitute for Particle Physics Phenomenology;
Martin BauerAssistant ProfessorInstitute for Particle Physics Phenomenology;
Carlton BaughProfessorInstitute for Computational Cosmology;
Cyril BourgenotResearch FellowCentre for Advanced Instrumentation;
Richard BowerProfessorInstitute for Computational Cosmology; Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy;
Stuart BrandAssociate ProfessorCondensed Matter Theory;
Beth BromleyAssociate ProfessorSoft Matter and Biological Physics;
David CartyAssistant ProfessorQuantum Light and Matter;
David CerdenoAssociate Professor (Reader)Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology;
Paula ChadwickProfessorGamma Ray Astronomy; Centre for Advanced Instrumentation; Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy;
Nicholas ChancellorResearch FellowQuantum Light and Matter;
Stewart ClarkProfessorCondensed Matter Theory;
Shaun ColeProfessorInstitute for Computational Cosmology;
Simon CornishProfessorQuantum Light and Matter;
Graham CrossAssociate ProfessorPhotonics, Sensors & Materials;
Fernando DiasAssistant ProfessorOrganic Electroactive Materials;
Chris DoneProfessorCentre for Extragalactic Astronomy;
Alastair EdgeProfessorCentre for Extragalactic Astronomy;
Peter EdwardsDirector of Science Outreach and Science and Society Officer in PhysicsInstitute for Computational Cosmology; Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology; Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy;
Vincent EkeAssociate Professor (Reader)Institute for Computational Cosmology;
R. Keith EllisProfessorInstitute for Particle Physics Phenomenology;
Suzanne FieldingProfessorSoft Matter and Biological Physics; Condensed Matter Theory;
Carlos FrenkOgden ProfessorInstitute for Computational Cosmology;
Michele FumagalliProfessorCentre for Extragalactic Astronomy; Institute for Computational Cosmology;
Simon GardinerProfessorQuantum Light and Matter;
Nikitas GidopoulosAssociate ProfessorCondensed Matter Theory; Atomic and Molecular Physics;
John GirkinProfessorCentre for Advanced Instrumentation;
Nigel GloverProfessorInstitute for Particle Physics Phenomenology;
Ruth GregoryProfessorInstitute for Particle Physics Phenomenology;
Douglas HallidayAssociate ProfessorSpectroscopy;
Damian HampshireProfessorSuperconductivity;
Peter HattonProfessorMagnetism and X-Ray Scattering; Superconductivity; X-ray Scattering and Magnetism;
Qing HeAssistant ProfessorMagnetism and X-Ray Scattering;
Aidan HindmarchAssistant ProfessorX-ray Scattering and Magnetism; Nanoscale Science and Technology; Advanced Inorganic Materials;
Ifan HughesProfessorQuantum Light and Matter;
Michael HuntAssistant ProfessorNanoscale Science and Technology;
Adrian JenkinsProfessorInstitute for Computational Cosmology;
Matthew JonesAssociate Professor (Reader)Quantum Light and Matter; Atomic and Molecular Physics;
Vivien KendonAssociate Professor (Reader)Quantum Light and Matter;
Valentin KhozeProfessorInstitute for Particle Physics Phenomenology;
Frank KraussProfessorInstitute for Particle Physics Phenomenology;
Halim KusumaatmajaAssociate ProfessorSoft Matter and Biological Physics; Condensed Matter Theory;
Cedric LaceyProfessorInstitute for Computational Cosmology;
Tom LancasterProfessorMuon Physics; Condensed Matter Theory;
Alexander LenzProfessorInstitute for Particle Physics Phenomenology;
Baojiu LiAssociate Professor (Reader)Institute for Computational Cosmology;
Gordon LoveProfessorCentre for Advanced Instrumentation;
John LuceyAssociate Professor (Reader)Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy;
Daniel MaitreAssociate ProfessorInstitute for Particle Physics Phenomenology;
Budhika MendisAssociate ProfessorAdvanced Inorganic Materials; Semiconductors, Electroceramics and Crystal Growth; Nanoscale Science and Technology;
Nigel MetcalfeAssociate FellowCentre for Extragalactic Astronomy; Department; Institute for Computational Cosmology;
Andy MonkmanProfessorOrganic Electroactive Materials;
Simon MorrisProfessorCentre for Advanced Instrumentation; Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy;
Tim MorrisSenior Research FellowCentre for Advanced Instrumentation;
Peder NorbergAssociate ProfessorCentre for Extragalactic Astronomy; Institute for Computational Cosmology;
Kieran O'BrienAssociate ProfessorCentre for Advanced Instrumentation; Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy;
Nkaepe OlaniyiTeaching FellowDepartment;
Silvia PascoliProfessorInstitute for Particle Physics Phenomenology;
Alexander PeachTeaching FellowDepartment;
Benjamin PecjakAssociate ProfessorInstitute for Particle Physics Phenomenology;
Philippa PettsAssistant Professor (Teaching)Department;
Robert PotvliegeAssociate Professor (Reader)Quantum Light and Matter;
Peter RichardsonProfessorInstitute for Particle Physics Phenomenology;
Tim RobertsProfessorCentre for Extragalactic Astronomy;
Christopher SaunterAssistant ProfessorCentre for Advanced Instrumentation;
Marek SchoenherrRoyal Society Research FellowInstitute for Particle Physics Phenomenology;
Ray SharplesProfessorCentre for Advanced Instrumentation; Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy; 43719/
Ian SmailProfessorCentre for Extragalactic Astronomy;
Michael SpannowskyProfessorInstitute for Particle Physics Phenomenology;
Margarita StaykovaAssistant ProfessorSoft Matter and Biological Physics;
Peter SwiftAssistant Professor (Teaching)Department; Terahertz Technology;
Mark SwinbankAssociate ProfessorCentre for Extragalactic Astronomy;
Marek SzablewskiAssociate ProfessorPhotonics, Sensors & Materials;
Ian TerryAssistant ProfessorMagnetism and X-Ray Scattering; Advanced Inorganic Materials;
Craig TestrowTeaching FellowDepartment;
Tom TheunsProfessorInstitute for Computational Cosmology;
Kislon VoitchovskyAssociate Professor (Reader)Soft Matter and Biological Physics; Nanoscale Science and Technology;
Martin WardProfessorCentre for Extragalactic Astronomy;
Kevin WeatherillAssociate ProfessorQuantum Light and Matter;
Richard WilmanAssistant Professor (Teaching)Department;
Richard WilsonAssociate Professor (Reader)Centre for Advanced Instrumentation; Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy;
Steven WrathmallResearch and Teaching FellowQuantum Light and Matter; Department;
Cristina ZambonAssistant Professor (Teaching)Department;

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