Physics Department Internal Phone List

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General 3343520
Head of DepartmentProf Nigel 3342616
Department Manager & Director of OperationsDr Clare 3343544
Operations AssistantDr Gail 3343626
Communications AdministratorMr Greg 3343587
Postgraduate Administrator (Mon-Wed)Mrs Joanne 3343745
Postgraduate Administrator (Thur-Frid)Mrs Emma 3343745
Research Administrator 0191 3343671
Resources AdministratorMrs Claire 3343638
Teaching AdministratorMr Adrian 3343717
Technical Services & Facilities ManagerMr Wayne 3343679
FAXCondensed Matter - 0191 3343585(room Ph135)
FAXAstronomy Instrumentation - 0191 3343609
FAXAstronomy Group - 0191 3343645
FAXOgden Centre - 0191 3343658
FAXFinance Office - 0191 3343646(room Ph1)
FAXPhysics Building - 0191 3345823(room Ph127A)

ALL STAFF beginning with H
(To dial directly from outside the University, please add 0191 33 to the front of the telephone ext. number.)
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Douglas HallidayAssociate ProfessorSpectroscopy;
William HamlynPostgraduate StudentAtomic and Molecular Physics;
Damian HampshireProfessorSuperconductivity;
Ryan HanleyPostgraduate StudentAtomic and Molecular Physics;
Heribertus Bayu HartantoResearch AssociateInstitute for Particle Physics Phenomenology;
Peter HattonProfessorX-ray Scattering and Magnetism; Magnetism and X-Ray Scattering; Superconductivity;
Jianhua HeCo-Fund Research AssociateInstitute for Computational Cosmology;
Qing HeAssistant ProfessorMagnetism and X-Ray Scattering;
Lydia HeckTechnical Director ICC HPCInstitute for Computational Cosmology;
Wendy HedleyResources Team Leader (Wed pm, Thu, Fri)Department;
Marian HeilPostgraduate StudentInstitute for Particle Physics Phenomenology;
John HellyScientific Officer Institute for Computational Cosmology;
Cesar Hernandez-AguayoPostgraduate StudentInstitute for Computational Cosmology;
Thomas HickenPostgraduate StudentMuon Physics;
Susan HiltonLaboratory TechnicianDepartment;
Aidan HindmarchAssistant ProfessorX-ray Scattering and Magnetism; Nanoscale Science and Technology; Advanced Inorganic Materials;
Jerry HinsonIT/Network Manager (CIS)Department;
Daniel HolckPostgraduate StudentCentre for Advanced Instrumentation;
Thomas HoneyPostgraduate StudentSpectroscopy;
Matheus HostertPostgraduate StudentInstitute for Particle Physics Phenomenology;
Rongjuan HuangPostgraduate StudentOrganic Electroactive Materials;
Benjamin HuddartPostgraduate StudentMuon Physics; Condensed Matter Physics;
Ifan HughesProfessorAtomic and Molecular Physics;
Michael HuntAssistant ProfessorNanoscale Science and Technology;
Andrew HunterElectronic Engineering and Design TechnicianDepartment;
Jeremy HutsonProfessor of ChemistryAtomic and Molecular Physics;

This table is automatically generated from the Physics Department database. Please contact the departmental Operations Assistant if you are not on this list but should be!