Physics Department Internal Phone List

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General 3343520
Head of DepartmentProf Paula 3343560
Operations CoordinatorMrs Christine 3343626
Senior PGR Administrator Mrs Joanne 3343745
Research ManagerMrs Linda 3343671
Department ManagerMrs Claire 3343638
Learning & Teaching ManagerMr Adrian 3343717
Technical Services & Facilities ManagerMr Wayne 3343679

ALL STAFF beginning with S
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QandeelSaleemPGR StudentSoft Matter and Biological Physics,
ThomasSandnesPGR StudentInstitute for Computational Cosmology, Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy,
IsabelSantosPDRAInstitute for Computational Cosmology,
CieraSargentPGR StudentCentre for Extragalactic Astronomy,
TillSawalaPDRAInstitute for Computational Cosmology,
CatherineSaxtonBusiness Partner - Human ResourcesDepartment,
SimoneScaringiAssociate ProfessorCentre for Extragalactic Astronomy,
EwanSchaferAcademic Visitor Centre for Advanced Instrumentation,
JurgenSchmollSenior Optical EngineerCentre for Advanced Instrumentation,
MarekSchoenherrAssociate ProfessorInstitute for Particle Physics Phenomenology,
DanielScobbiePGR StudentSuperconductivity, Condensed Matter Physics,
CameronScottPGR StudentCondensed Matter Theory,
JayScottPGR StudentMagnetism and X-Ray Scattering, Condensed Matter Physics,
FrancescoSergioEarly Stage Researcher (Marie Curie)Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology, Institute for Computational Cosmology,
SergioSevillano MunozPDRAInstitute for Particle Physics Phenomenology,
TomShanksEmeritus ProfessorCentre for Extragalactic Astronomy,
ShiShaoAcademic VisitorInstitute for Computational Cosmology,
RamkrishanSharmaPGR StudentCentre for Advanced Instrumentation,
RaySharplesProfessorCentre for Advanced Instrumentation, Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy, 43719/
DifuShiPDRAInstitute for Computational Cosmology,
FedericoSilvettiPDRAInstitute for Particle Physics Phenomenology,
EllenSirksAcademic VisitorInstitute for Computational Cosmology,
AdrianSkeltonLearning & Teaching ManagerDepartment,
IanSmailEmeritus ProfessorCentre for Extragalactic Astronomy,
RussellSmithAssistant ProfessorCentre for Extragalactic Astronomy,
TommySmithPGR Student Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology,
AmySmithPGR StudentPhotonics, Sensors & Materials, Condensed Matter Physics,
PaulSmithPGR StudentInstitute for Computational Cosmology,
DanieleSoriniPDRAInstitute for Computational Cosmology, Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy,
MichaelSpannowskyProfessorInstitute for Particle Physics Phenomenology,
LazarStaykovResearch AssociateCentre for Advanced Instrumentation,
MargaritaStaykovaAssociate ProfessorSoft Matter and Biological Physics, Condensed Matter Physics,
RichardStephensonEmeritus ProfessorApplied Historical Astronomy,
BrianStewardPGR StudentCentre for Advanced Instrumentation,
ThomasStonePGR StudentInstitute for Particle Physics Phenomenology,
PaulaStreetScience Outreach ExecutiveDepartment,
KeSunPGR StudentSoft Matter and Biological Physics, Condensed Matter Physics,
JoaquinSureda-HernandezPGR StudentInstitute for Computational Cosmology,
FritsSweijenPDRACentre for Extragalactic Astronomy,
PeterSwiftAssociate Professor (Education)Physics Education and Scholarship, Terahertz Technology,
MarkSwinbankProfessorCentre for Extragalactic Astronomy,
RodgerSykesEntrepreneur in ResidenceDepartment,
TimurSypchenkoPGR StudentInstitute for Particle Physics Phenomenology,
MarekSzablewskiProfessorPhotonics, Sensors & Materials, Condensed Matter Physics,

This table is automatically generated from the Physics Department database. Please contact the departmental Operations Assistant if you are not on this list but should be!